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Daytona Beach Alimony

Daytona Beach Alimony Attorneys

Alimony, or spousal support, may be awarded to in Daytona Beach, Florida for dissolution of marriage proceedings to either the former husband or wife. Alimony is not awarded in every case. If the parties have equal earning capabilities and/or the marriage is short alimony is unlikely. Generally speaking the longer the marriage and the greater the disparity in earning potential the more likely alimony will be awarded and the larger the amount. When an attorney is dealing with alimony it is not always an easy task to decide what is best for your client. If the client is likely to remarry quickly a lump some might be better than permanent alimony. Permanent alimony may be ordered to support a needy former spouse or achieve an equitable distribution of the marital property. Temporary support, or rehabilitative alimony, may be ordered to enable a former spouse to obtain the education or training needed to become self-supporting or get back on their feet. Typically, alimony is paid in a monthly sum, but the court may order that alimony be paid in a lump-sum. Our Daytona Beach alimony attorneys will make sure we understand what is in our client's best interest and argue for an alimony award that best suits our client's needs. To determine an appropriate alimony award, the court must consider all relevant economic factors.

Factors Considered In A Daytona Beach Alimony Case

the parties’ ages and their physical and emotional condition;

their financial resources, assets and liabilities, and sources of income;

the parties’ need for further education or training; and

the contribution made to the marriage by each party (providing homemaking, child care, or educational and career support to the other spouse)

The court may also consider any factor necessary to achieve equity and justice between the parties.

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