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Daytona Beach Child Support

Daytona Beach Child Support Attorney

Parents have a responsibility to support their children before and after a divorce. A child’s right to parental support normally does not end until the child reaches 18, gets married, or otherwise becomes emancipated.  In Daytona Beach, Florida dissolution of marriage proceedings, child support obligations are computed through the use of mandatory child support guidelines established by the Florida state legislature. In some cases income can be difficult to calculate when everybody is honestly trying to be fair. When a parent tries to hide assets things can become much more difficult. Our Daytona Beach child support attorneys at The Law Offices of Kevin J. Pitts can protect the rights of your children and insure that they get the support they deserve.

The minimum guideline amount is based upon the parties’ income, number of children, and the children’s over-night time with the non-custodial parent. 100% of child care cost gets calculated into the child support guidelines. Courts may deviate from the guideline amount based on medical requirements or other needs of the child, the parents’ financial abilities, and many other factors.  A divorce lawyer in Daytona Beach can assist in determining the amount of child support due, the method of payment, which spouse takes tax deductions for dependents, the enforcement of support obligations, and many other issues related to child support in a dissolution of marriage proceeding.


Our Daytona Beach divorce attorneys provide personalized, compassionate, and affordable legal services for each client. To schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns, call us at 386-451-5112.

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